Dynamic Yoga Method

Based profoundly on the teachings of Patanjali, author of the original and defining text on yoga, the Dynamic Method uses classical Hatha Yoga techniques, re-interpreted for the modern world, to profoundly relax our minds and bodies and invite a deep investigation of our true nature.

Far from being yet another style of yoga its techniques underlie all styles of Hatha Yoga and provide a clear and comprehensible approach to the eight limbs, asta-anga, of yoga described by Patanjali.

The bodies and minds we treat as ours too often seem separate from each other, isolated in a lonely and threatening universe. The Dynamic Yoga Method is a set of simple, but highly effective, techniques to release us rapidly and safely back into the heart of our elemental nature. These are not wishy-washy new age ideas but proven techniques to improve bodily awareness and relax both body and mind.

You are neither earth, nor water, nor fire, nor air, nor space. You are the witness of those five elements as Consciousness. Understanding this is liberation. (Ashtavakra Gita)

Balance is essential to yoga and the Dynamic Method concentrates on balancing the five elements into a single, unified awareness:

  • Earth, mass, gravity to ground and centre our bodies and our awareness through paying great attention to the foundation of our bodies on the ground.
  • Water, vinyasa, or continuous movement to relax us into the constantly changing nature of phenomenal reality.
  • Fire, energy, harnessed through the specific, muscular activity of the bandhas, to awaken our awareness to the endless energy of life.
  • Air, awareness of the breath to bring lightness and an effortless quality to our movements and postures.
  • Space, the internalised gaze, to open and integrate our awareness as we surrender to the possibility that the body/minds we call our own are an integral part of the universe.